Business & Pleasure

Single Aircraft Policies

Aircraft & Marine offers personal business and pleasure aircraft insurance. All types of aircraft including: J-3 Cubs, experimentals, King Airs, and personal jets, can be insured. Student pilots are welcomed by several of our companies offering excellent rates. We can write your policy at liability only or including hull coverage. For those with loans on their aircraft, we can provide a breach of warranty to the lienholder at no additional premium. We will re-shop with all available markets every year prior to your renewal to offer you the best possible premium.


Flying Clubs

Aircraft & Marine can provide an aircraft insurance policy that clubs of up to six members can use without having to write a full commercial policy, which is required for groups with more than six members. For the larger clubs, we have several companies offering excellent coverages. The clubs can range in size from seven on up.



Business & Pleasure Aicraft Insurance